Hypnotican haastattelu.


Hypnotica alias Eric Von Sydow tuli tunnetuksi Neil Straussin Pelimies - kirjasta.

Häntä pidetään yhtenä pelimiesgenren suurista sisäpeli guruista.

Oheinen haastattelu on tehty vuonna 2008 Ilman Opaskarttaa  kirjaan.

Haastattelija on merkitty sinisellä ja Hypnotica ilman värjäystä.

This is very quickly done becuase of time restraints but i did give you quick answers. I hope this helps,

In your own opinion, are you already at the top of the development and can you make your performance better?

always...I can only base my performance on my own viewpoint, and yes much more develpment ahead.

When you're in a social situation, do you feel it's a natural happening or does it feel like you're forced to perform in some way?

Sometime Performing is natural sometime it is forced, forcing it has just as big a place. I have to force myself to go to the gym sometimes and do laundary so it's more on mindset.

When a total stranger approaches you, how do you react? Are suspicious towards the stranger or are you open? Do you keep up appearances?

I am always open.Many people approach me. I am Very laid back. i do keep up my appearances as far as The basics but i do go around sloppy sometimes.

Is the reaction to the latter thing based upon the way the person behaves? If it is, the how much does the behaviour mean to you?

I like to use the word presents yourself. I always keep up a good presentation. Behavior leads to habits so i am very aware.

How should one approach in order to make a positive reaction?

Calm, confident competent.

How significant are field reports to your social development?


When you're in an unpleasant social situation, how do you behave?

I usually leave

When you succeed in a social situation, how do you behave and reward yourself after the performance?

Sex. I love Sex and Always reward myself.

How do react to criticism?

I listen then ask myself if there is any truth to it. if not i ignore it.

When you find yourself in an unpleasant social situation, can you control yourself? If you can, is it easy?

I always control myself. It is very easy to me. I have learned this skill over the years.

Do you have a strong self image of yourself?

absolutely and i am still open for improvements

Is your self image based upon how you think of yourself or how others think of you?

85/15 I think that gives a fair amount of feedback for Improvemnet.

How did you survive from your worst social relapse and failure?

2 steps forward 1 step back. I know they happen I just chaulk it up as a learning.

When you make a mistake, do you feel guilty about it?

not at all.If i feel guilty it is from not doing something.

Even if you didn't make any mistakes, do you feel guilty about it?


Is it difficult for you to take social risks... for example is meeting your role model difficult? When you meet your role model, do you feel nervous?

No, I feel open to learn about them.

Name 2-3 persons that have meant you the most in your life.

Parents, various teacher I have learned through.

Name 2-3 biggest role models that you'd like to be or you've admired.

Arnold Swarzenegger,Howard stern, Milton Erickson

Is there a threat, when you achieve good social skills that you'll begin to use them in a wrong way (for example manipulation)?

Yeah, I have found myself walking the thin line of The Dark side many times. Its take a strong man to Know the difference.

How have you avoided this threat?

I use the Golden rule

what has been your best social meeting?

The Clubs

what has been your worst social meeting?

The Clubs

Have you learned anything from them? Have you tried to use a good style, which was effective, again in another situation and have you tried to avoid the mistakes you've made in your worst situation?

Circumstance is my enemy, My voice is my number 1 tool, if i cant hear or they cant hear me then my number 1 tool is ineffective.

Do you keep records of significant things in your life?


How significant is it for your well being that in a community of like minded people?

Not at all.

How significant do you think is a community to your social skills?

5% I have learned 95% of my ideas from real life.